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Rather than taking years to save your deposit, your parents can help unlock home loan approval right now. A parent loan is nothing new but Parent Assist has one important difference - it’s an officially managed loan. 

How it works
Your parents loan you up to 20% of the purchase price. The bank provides the rest. You repay them with interest like any other official loan but at half the rate of your home loan.

When the house is sold, you repay your parents (or you can repay them sooner if you choose to make extra repayments).

No guarantor necessary

Your parents won't have to risk their home to help you get into your own

Save thousands

Still get the First Home Owners Grant and stamp duty concessions. Plus save thousands in mortgage insurance

Easier to ask your parents

The loan is transparent and structured, making it easier for your parents to say 'Yes'

More financial muscle

You'll have more choice, meaning you can buy something bigger or in a better location


In the 80s a deposit for a home was about the average annual income - now it's four times that! And takes the average couple nearly 5 years to save a deposit. It's no wonder almost of half of first homebuyers get financial help from a parent.

Usually it’s an informal loan, a gift, or asking your parents to be a guarantor for the loan. But loans and gifts can get complicated and guaranteeing a loan can risk your parents' home.

Now there's a better way. 

Parent Assist is an officially managed loan from your parents so both you and them know exactly what’s involved and where you all stand.

You don't have to ask them to be a guarantor and risk the family home, or for an unofficial loan that risks your relationship, but you still need to ask them.

The unique structure of a Parent Assist loan makes it a lot simpler for everyone, making it easier for your parents to say 'Yes'.

Read our FAQ below, download the brochure or contact us for more information.

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We understand that helping your child into their first home is a great way to give them a leg up in life. But loaning big sums of money between family members can cause a lot of stress and emotion.

The Parent Assist Home Loan removes the stress and emotion because it’s transparent, clear and structured - an officially managed loan.

It means you can give your child help to secure a home loan from a lender. Everyone knows where they stand, and that’s the best way for you to help your children stand on their own financial feet.

Parent Assist works by you loaning your child up to 20% of the purchase price and the bank provides the rest. They repay you with interest and when the house is sold they repay the loan (or they can choose to make extra payments, which can help pay you back sooner).

Read our FAQ below, download the brochure or contact us for more information.

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The best bit is, you can help them into their own home without going guarantor and risking your own home. Hopefully it makes it easier for them to ask you and for you to help them out.


  • How did this product come about?

    In recent years, there has been increasing concern over housing affordability in Australia, especially amongst first homebuyers. With the cost of living and rental prices on the rise, it now takes a lot longer to save a home deposit.

    Bluebay Home Loans has solved this problem by designing The Parent Assist Home Loan, which allows for parents to help their children with home ownership without risking their own property and gaining a return on their investment.

  • Who are Bluebay Home Loans?

    Bluebay Home Loans is an Australian-owned independent home loan provider. Because we’re an independent Australian company, we have the freedom to be flexible with our home loans, and the drive to provide great customer service. Of course, Bluebay Home Loans is backed by some of Australia’s largest financial institutions, so you get the security of a bank, without having to deal with one.

  • Does anyone else offer this product?

    No. Parent Assist is an Australian-first, patent pending product. It’s an official structured loan managed by Bluebay Home Loans only. Bluebay Home Loans arranges and manages the remainder of the loan through a large nationally recognised lender.

  • Why is this better than other options currently available?

    It takes the average couple nearly 5 years to save a deposit and almost half end up needing help from their family. If your parents help by going guarantor, their home is often used as security for your loan, which can mean putting their own home at risk. If they lend you money with an informal loan, give it to you, or you inherit, it doesn't count as actual savings. And if they share the mortgage with you as co-owners, they're technically buyers, so you can't get the First Home Owner Grant or any applicable stamp duty concessions. So that leaves you having to save up a deposit, and that could take a while...

  • What are the benefits for parents?

    As a parent, you get to help your kids into their own home without risking your house by going guarantor. Plus you get a nice little investment and some income each month.

  • What are the benefits for kids?

    You get your home loan, and you're still eligible for the First Home Owner Grant and any applicable stamp duty concessions. And you could save paying thousands of dollars in mortgage insurance.

  • How much interest do parents receive?

    Because Parent Assist is a loan and not a gift, the parent is paid back with interest. Interest is half the interest rate of the home loan rate, which helps on the parents loaned amount with lower repayments. Parents are paid back over time or when the house is sold, or refinanced.

  • Are there any fees?

    The fees are transparent with an ongoing management fee of only $5 per month.

  • What happens if I want to pay back some money to my parents?

    All you have to pay back each month is the interest. However, you can pay back more if you like. When you do, the extra is applied first to your parents' share in the capital growth in your land. i.e. If the land has increased in value, part of that increase is theirs, so any extra payments from you will go towards paying their share first. The rest then gets paid off the loan. (This means that you need to have the land officially valued before paying off any extra over and above the interest payment.)

  • Can anyone apply for Parent Assist?

    Parent Assist is available to Bluebay Home Loans customers who purchase an established property or build with an approved builder. Bluebay Home Loans can advise if your preferred builder is approved.

  • How do I know if I'll qualify?

    Everyone's situation is different. To find out if you'll qualify, fill in our form or call 08 6365 5715 today.

Bluebay Home Loans is an Australian-owned independent home loan provider, established in 2008.

We have helped many Australians finance their dream home. And we’re backed by a number of Australia’s top financial institutions, including Adelaide Bank and ING, so you get the peace of mind that comes from working with a large lender.

We’re passionate about finding real and innovative financial solutions to help Australians with their home loan needs. And we also have a strong focus on assisting first homebuyers get into their own home. After all, that’s where our new Parent Assist loan has come from. We also understand that applying for a home loan may be the biggest financial decision you ever make, so we’re there for our customers every step of the way.    

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